Dry July : Helava Team

I’ve signed up @h_e_l_a_v_a for #dryjuly and that means we help fundraise for cancer patients, their carers and families. I get to choose an organisation I help fundraise for and of course no drinking for a month (easy cheers 🥂) https://www.dryjuly.com/teams/helava I’ve chosen Saint George Hospital because that was the hospital I was in beginning of the year and they looked after me really well during an unfortunate event in my life but I’m so thankful for another day and today I choose to help others in any way I can 💕 Anyways, I’m fundraising for their cancer clinic to purchase equipment and also comfort items for cancer patients because this is not government funded. My grandma sadly passed away from Breast Cancer and I have a very close friend currently going through Breast Cancer treatment and recently have a high school friend whose partner passed away from this awful disease. Yes life is so unfair at the best of times and I feel like this disease is just on a rise and it’s so expensive for treatment and also to adjust to a new life you didn’t choose. #FUCKCANCER I am very passionate about this cause and would like you to join in on our team, donate something or even spread the word about Dry July. https://www.dryjuly.com/teams/helava I personally feel if we can all donate something small it will help loosen the burden they already carry. Yes it’s a pain in the ass asking for money but I’m sure if we were all in the same boat at these patients I would appreciate any help or donation given 🙏 Click on my link and join in and support this along side my Team and lets help each other fight this and fundraise 💥 https://www.dryjuly.com/teams/helava 

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