2020 - Hashtag COVID19

Pre- Covid19 we had game plan and we were focused. Ongoing Covid19 we are still continuing with our game plan (though months later) but we have re-aligned our focus AGAIN!

Though this year has been a bit of a blur, my partner and I have never lost focus. For a brief period of this pandemic we had lost a bit of hope due to slow or no sales but a good hard think about where we started and how far we've come - it was a no brainer that Helava will still carry on as per normal as we have been an online boutique from the get go! Quick change of mindset saw sales picking up and that glimmer of Hope was just at arms reach....

This year we were privilege to add our gym wear to a Fitness Centre in Mackay, QLD and still blessed to have our Helava pieces at the Projects Fiji, Beach House.

Whilst my partner and I both work full time jobs, we also run Helava on the side.

My morning routine before I do start my day job - I handle the social media to show face and be consistent with our posts/stories, collabs, promos, giveaways and reply to all your lovely messages. My offsider on his down time which is mainly 10pm to midnight is following up on emails, samples, designs and keeping the finances in check. We've some how worked out a simple system at the oddest business times of the day/night....... go figure

I guess this blog is just a insight of how we have been coping with 2020 and all that follows from this Covid19, social distancing and less photoshoots or Team Helava hangouts (Sad face)

I truly believe in supporting local, empowering our women, inspiring our followers but most importantly, STAYING TRUE TO OUR DREAM!

Covid19 - this too will pass!!

Thanks for the support Fam!

Jen xx

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